Anonymous asked:

I think your full of shit and that you only made this tumblr for attention .. I read all your replies to o people and you say honey and sweaty ! Like what the fuck don't do t know them .. U tell them to go get help or stop but ITS FUCKING HARD TO STOP.. You say uve never cut because u can resist the urge .. Not everyone is alike .. U say paint urself it doesn't work .. You say to someone your ill it make them feel like and outcast ... Your not helping anyone

I’m not trying to cure people on here; if you notice on my replies I’m telling people to go and see their doctors/counsellors because I’m not a professional. People on here are looking for comfort and feel that they can speak on here, so I’m offering them comfort and someone to listen to them. I do know how hard it is honey, and don’t you dare presume that I don’t as, referring back to your point, you don’t know me either or what I’m going through. I’m not asking for attention - this blog was originally for me to vent my feelings because I felt like I had no one, and then people started asking for advice, which they don’t have to take. If you don’t like what I do on here, then just move on to a different blog. x

Anonymous asked:

You're such an inspiring person and all of us are so grateful for you. I haven't eaten today, I just don't feel hungry. Some times i feel like i just don't want to eat. I hate when my friends ask me why aren't I eating lunch, or my parents asking why I don't want any tea. Some days it's just hard and I just don't want to eat. I feel fat when I eat and like anyone who sees me eat is judging me. I use all the excuses like I have a stomach ache or I'm just not hungry or even I've already ate.

Thank you sweetie, but please try and eat everyday even if you don’t feel like it. Food is fuel and will make you feel so much better.

Anonymous asked:

I'm 2 weeks clean now but I'm still struggling without the pills and it's pissing me off because I just want the urge to go away. I'm scared if it keeps messing with me I'm gonna fold again 😞

I know it’s hard honey, but two weeks is still early stages so the urge is still going to be there and will be for a while. Just do activities to take your mind off it - keep yourself occupied. You’re doing so, so well honey and I’m so proud you’ve made it this far. Keep strong honey - you’re wonderful! x

lora-delrey asked:

Hey, my name is Alora! I absolutely love tumblr & I love getting my stuff out there. My writing, pictures, art.. I would like for my stuff to be more noticed. How can I do that. I'd love some advise or just some help! Xxxxxo

Just make yourself known on as many blogs as possible and use as many tags as you can. :) <3

Anonymous asked:

I cut for no reason other than it feels good, and recently it's become addicting. I feel bad about it now because there are other people with much more serious problems that do it and I think if I asked someone they might misunderstand or get onto me about it. I'm starting to get desperate for help. Do you have any ideas whatsoever?

Next time you feel like cutting, paint on yourself instead. Also talk to your GP/counsellor about this as they can get you the help you need. You don’t deserve to suffer like this darling - please stay strong and take care of yourself. <3

Anonymous asked:

I know this is really weird but I saw your account and idk who to ask but I think I'm becoming anorexic, I'm not skinny, quite the opposite actually. I'm 190lbs. And I've never felt so humiliated. I have stretch marks, my stomach sticks out more than my boobs, I wear baggy clothes to attempt to hide the facts. Any tips? I'm sick of looking at my body and being disgusted- I've tried before but idk what to do, pls help bc I have no support in my life, any tips on what sheds weight the quickest?

Going to your GP and asking advice on how to lose weight is great because they help you and teach you how to lose weight healthily and safely. Best thing to do is cut down on snacking on sugary foods and eat three full meals a day (or six small meals). Exercise is also good, but don’t be excessive. Losing weight is all about the diet, so try to fill your plate with vegetables that fill you up and are good for you and barely contain any calories. If you do feel like snacking snack healthily on fruit. Be safe darling, but please remember that you’re beautiful just as you are. <3

Anonymous asked:

I have finally talked to my youth leader about my depression/self harm/eatingdisorder and she really helped a lot and really encouraged me and made me feel like she cared but my depression has gotten dramatically worse some the last time I talked to her and I pray every night not to wake up... I really wanna talk to her again and she said I can go to her about anything and I really need to but I don't know how to explain my feelings to her? And what if she tells my parents? They can't find out!

She’s there to help you honey, and if you want/need to talk to her then go and talk to her. She won’t judge you; she’s there to help you. Just tell her straight and honestly how you feel and ask her advice about not telling your parents; I’m sure she wouldn’t without your consent anyway. Stay strong honey - you’re doing well and I’m so proud you’re seeking help about your problems! <3

Anonymous asked:

I think I'm crazy.. Well maybe .. My thoughts are secret .. I'm afraid if people know what I actually thought of the world that thy will think something is wrong withe an that I might go someone for crazy people .. Well okay so I believe that there is no purpose in the universe , world , people, school , work , friends , MYSELF! Is that weird ? Well I want to kill myself because THERES NO PURPOSE!! But the only thing holding me back is my it do t want to hurt my parents and friends ..

There is a purpose to your life honey; you just haven’t discovered it yet. You are loved by your friends and family and so cherish them while you’re alive. You have so much to live for, and life gets better with time. Please don’t kill yourself honey, and if it helps, talk to someone about your problems. You’re not crazy, you’re ill, and doctors won’t judge you for being ill - they’re there to listen and help you. Please take care of yourself. <3

Anonymous asked:

Do you cut?

I’ve had very strong urges to self-harm in the past but have managed to resist so far, thank God, and those urges were more just to do with bruising myself rather than cut; my biggest issue is Anorexia.